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Debut Novella

Cheyenne Dalton and her horse Lily live on a Texas ranch. One night,  Lily has an accident, and the vet says that she must have surgery. Cheyenne is devastated, but Lily recovers.

The Semi-Annual State Finals are quickly approaching, and Cheyenne wonders if Lily can participate. Will Lily be able to compete in the State Finals, or will Cheyenne be sorely disappointed?

"Wild" is available locally at Whistlestop Bookshop in Carlisle, and online at

About Rachel Myers

Hi! I'm Rachel Myers, and I am now seventeen years old. I self-published Wild in 2018, and I hope to continue writing in the future. I have been working on my second book, (abnormal) Sisterly Love, for the past four years, and I plan to start the editing process when I graduate high school. I also enjoy poetry and short stories.

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This is not just a story about a young girl and her love for a horse. The author develops a genuine, kind, and compassionate friendship between teenage girls. Wild and it’s lessons of love, determination, and empathy are wonderful springboards for middle school discussion. This may be the first...but not the last novel from RM.

My daughter read the book, Wild, for her reading log. She enjoyed the book’s details and are requesting a sequel!

Tweens and young teens who are into horses will enjoy this first novella from 14 year old Rachel Myers. Hopefully this will be the beginning of many stories about Cheyenne Dalton as she learns about life and friendship, with her horse, Lily.

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